You need to ensure the quality of your food is full of great nutrition. It is important for you to get into the habit of eating smaller, healthier meals more regularly. If you’re finding that when you’re stressed you need to eat sugary food such as chocolates, sweets and ice-cream, do you know why? It may be because “stressed” spelt backwards is “desserts”! The English tradition is to eat your biggest meal in the evening – this means that you will receive 70% of your daily calories in the evening, which is a bit pointless as the evening is usually followed by sleep.  The increasing trend is towards weight gain and this is a common cause. If instead, you eat more during the day then your energy will be available for your day’s tasks instead of sleep. The recommendation is to eat five small meals per day; this leads onto the subject of what to eat. Take a look at this video for more advice:

You may not have even considered that you can optimise your health by having more alkaline foods. One of the most exciting discoveries has been the effect some foods have on the body’s acid-alkaline pH levels when digested. A slightly alkaline body is crucial for good health. Too much acid in your body can cause a host of health problems. The problem is, on a whole, the average western diet is acid-producing. And when acidic wastes accumulate, they can cause organs to malfunction and break down. If you often feel tired, it’s a safe bet that you are overly acidic. The simple fact is, most people are. You need to counter acidity with alkaline foods as soon as possible. Click here to get a free alkaline diet guide and recipies and you can alkalize your body fast.

What you eat is important. You need to combine good carbohydrates with protein.  There are so many different nutritionists with differing opinions, however the advice they have in common is about slow release carbohydrates to give you energy for three to four hours at a time. Take a look at the advice here on food combining:

Bad carbohydrates give you an energy boost for 45 minutes maximum (this is otherwise known as the “sugar rush”), and then follows the slump which has an immense negative effect on your productivity. If you find that you experience sugar or carb cravings, energy spikes and dips throughout the day, fatigue, lethargy, depression or anxiety, brain fog, cloudy thinking or trouble concentrating and hunger that goes from mild to intense very quickly, then you need to try a sugar detox to help break your addiction to sugar and carbs.

Click here to find out about an amazing 21-Day Sugar Detox Program to show you how to remove sugar from your diet.

Take a look at this video from Dr Robert H Lustig M.D. from the University of California who talks about the problems with sugar in our diets.

Another benefit to nutritious foods is how you can reverse the ageing process. Click here to find out how you can turn back the clock using all natural foods and ingredients which you already have in your kitchen.

Click here to get a free alkaline diet guide and recipies and you can alkalize your body fast.

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