Beechcroft Retreat Review

I’ve just returned from Beechcroft Retreat.  I felt so re-energised – it was the perfect solution to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Beechcroft Retreat is set in a lovely detached house in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.  It has a relaxing and re-energising atmosphere. The host and creator of Beechcroft, Merlee Harris was so inviting and we felt so welcomed into her home. She is extremely knowledgable with 30 years experience which are demonstrated in her words and advice that she has to share. Merlee’s greatest testimonial is herself – just looking her approach to life, the way she takes care of her body, her attitude and energy I thought she was in her 30’s then when she revealed her actual age is 60, I really was amazed!

Beechcroft House is very inviting. The décor is very homely and looking around the house and garden there is always something to inspire you, such as motivational quotes, books, DVDs, an array of different herbs, trees and flowers in the garden.

The food throughout the retreat was incredible. If you’re a bit of a meat eater and think that vegetarian meals won’t fill you up, well think again because the food was very wholesome, healthy, filling and extremely tasty.

Activities throughout the retreat included:

  • Motivational speeches from life-coaches with a practical approach to urban stress
  • Personal consultation to find out about how to improve your health
  • Foot detoxer to reveal the impurities within our bodies
  • Breathing exercises
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Colonic irrigation
  • Silent meditation
  • Reading angel cards
  • Cooking session to learn about healthy vegetarian food
  • Motivational DVDs
  • Walks in the countryside to appreciate the fresh air, nature and sunshine

We also learnt about food and the importance of blood types (I would recommend that you find out your blood group before the retreat as there’s a lot of discussion about this in regards to food).  I hadn’t had my blood group tested, so I missed out on the discussion there.

So if you’re looking for a re-energising retreat, this comes highly recommended.

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