Work Life Balance & Vacations

We’ve looked at the areas within work but you must also remember that how you spend your time outside of work is just as important too. Think of the phrase “work to live not live to work” and consider which approach you take. Your family, friends, home-life, social life, hobbies and interests will keep you well rounded. Ensure you take your holidays and use them well, making the most of your precious time. Participating in activities outside of work makes you well rounded and can in fact have a positive effect on your career or business development. The relationships you form as part of your working life is important and having interests in common with your colleagues, managers and customers will help you to build rapport and connections. If you want to be productive with your vacations, you might want to consider going away on a rejuvenating retreat which will inspire and motivate you to take on all the challenges that a working life will bring. Click here for more information on retreats.

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