Yoga and Pilates

You may think that Yoga and Pilates are just about stretching. But while stretching is certainly involved, they give both your mind and body a full re-energising and relaxing workout. Yoga has been in existence for centuries. It is a series of postures designed to stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles while increasing the flow of blood through the body, enhancing circulation and detoxification. Pilates is more recent, having been around since the early 20th Century. It focuses on increasing strength and suppleness and targets the hard to reach core muscles, skeleton and along the spine, creating good posture and muscle balance. The nervous system also runs along our spine so when you’re moving your spine you’re also rejuvenating the nervous system which is vital in ensuring healthy function of our muscles and organs. Deep inhaling and exhaling is also involved in these moves and this is key to invigorating you and promoting relaxation. Read more information here on optimal breathing exercises.

If you practice Yoga or Pilates three times a week, you will experience an all empowering mind and body workout and you’ll notice a number of changes. The fluid movements will bring about a calm, centred state of being and relaxation of your mind, helping you deal with day to day stress with ease. Your body will feel invigorated and energised and your general levels of fitness will increase. Control is needed in these exercises and your balance will improve as you increase both your strength and flexibility. It helps to sculpt and elongate your muscles and you will experience stronger abdominal muscles, all over toning, weight loss and a slimmer body with a more streamlined shape. As a result, you will feel healthier and even sexier both inside and out. If you really want your yoga practice to be effective, click here for Shapeshifter Yoga which is a no nonsense yoga programme which can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day or 50 minutes if you want to do the full programme.

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