Optimal Breathing Exercises

Optimal breathing is an ideal form of breathing in which your oxygen intake and carbon dioxide release are perfectly balanced for the benefit of the body’s health. You usually don’t take any notice of your breathing, but usually it is too shallow for optimum health. Being more mindful of the way you breathe will bring a greater quality of life. Here are some optimal breathing exercises you can try for better health.

In abdominal breathing, you want to put one hand on your stomach. Breathe slowly through your nose to a count of six, as you breathe in feel your stomach expanding so that it is enlarged. Then hold your breath to a count of six and really feel the air circulating in your lungs. Then release your breath slowly out through the mouth to a count of six, releasing all the air from your lungs as your stomach contracts. Repeat this exercise at least three times. This exercise really invigorates your health.

Imaginative breathing is another optimal breathing exercise.  Lie on a mat and put your hands near the ribs above the stomach. While breathing, imagine yourself in certain pleasant situations. Let this feeling rush over your body.

Yoga encourages good breathing as you take in deep breaths with each move and breathe deeply as you stretch your body. The relaxing feeling of breathing in and out combined with the stretch is very invigorating. As you breathe deeper into each stretch you maximise the beneficial feelings with each move.

Positive Ions vs Negative Ions
The air we breathe is full of oxygen molecules. Any molecule with an electron deficiency is called a positive ion and one with an extra electron is called a negative ion. Positive ions have a detrimental effect on our health because they can cause irritability, anxiety, depression, allergic reactions, breathing troubles, headaches and fatigue. Positive ions in the air comes from electrical appliances such as televisions, computers,  monitors and  laptops. You may have noticed that the quality of the air is very poor in a big city with lots of buildings and concrete, or in an office environment which is full of computers and electrical appliances.

Negative ions have the opposite effect, leaving us feeling energized, healthy, happy and balanced. A major source of excellent optimal breathing is the negative ions which exist in the air that surrounds you. According to Web MD, negative ions are tasteless, odorless and winvisible molecules that people breathe in when they’re near lakes, waterfalls, rivers and beaches. Negative ions that you breathe in have been proven to increase serotonin in your brain, which reduces depression and anxiety. These ions are essential when doing optimal breathing exercises. If you really want to maximize the benefits of negative ions on your body, you should take a walk for at least three times a week. If you’re lucky enough to be near a beach, waterfall or lake walk near these places then sit and do some optimal breathing exercises as described above. The air from the beach and waterfalls has plenty of negative ions that reduce stress in your life.

Ionizers to Combat Positive Ions
A good way to increase the negative ions in your home is a high quality ionizer. An ionizer will split the water molecules in the air that comes from your air conditioner or heater. When you use an ionizer in the home you increase negative ions for optimal health

Optimal Breathing for Life
Negative ions create the right environment for optimal breathing. When you inhale air with the negative ions in it, you’re less prone to allergies and other respiratory illnesses. Optimal breathing reduces the day’s stresses and it gives you a natural alternative to medications that may cause negative side effects. So use our exercises, clear your air with an ioniser or better still go out and explore nature and its fresh air full of positive ions.

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