Words of Gratitude

Words of gratitude and thanks can have a profound effect on your life… and regardless how difficult your life might get, you should always try to find something to be grateful for. This will be hard to do in difficult times… but try stepping back and taking a deep breath.

Write down the things in your life that you are thankful for. Then give thanks for these blessings. You’ll be surprised to find all the things you can be thankful for.

Do this exercise every time you feel yourself getting grumpy and displeased with the outcome of certain situations or when difficulties arise that don’t seem to have a solution.

Showing Gratitude Shows Humility
You are not perfect, and negative emotions and situations will come into our lives, but you have to recognize them for what they are, acknowledge them, then move on. Don’t linger with worry over difficult situations… eventually they work out for the best. This in itself is something to be thankful for! Think of all the little things that bring joy into your life. Giving words of gratitude and thanks… for all the blessings we have, shows humility. It brings clarity, order and acceptance into our lives. It puts your life into proper perspective, and it reminds you that things are never as difficult as they seem. Being grateful for what you give and receive, what you see, feel, taste and experience… brings you to such a high vibrational level, that positive things can’t help but manifest themselves in your life.

It’s Not Easy Being Thankful During Difficulties
Give words of gratitude and thanks for the people who love you. Tell someone who is important to you or has helped you… that you’re thankful for their presence in your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them. These are little things… but we can be thankful for even the smallest things. When I’m with my family and friends… my heart fills with awe and love, appreciating the joy and happiness around. Being grateful for the things you have in life will make your journey to abundance much smoother. You may find it very easy to be thankful for everything positive in our lives… but you can find it really difficult to do the same for the things that don’t go well. When you get stuck in this mind-set, you tend to forget to appreciate what you have. Resignation and resentment sets in and tells us to give up and blame someone else for what’s happening. Then begin to think about what you’re missing in oyur life, and the entire concept of gratitude escapes you.

Appreciate The Abundance You Have
Giving words of gratitude and thanks is one of the fastest ways to appreciate your life and feel happier. So if you stop now… just for a moment… to appreciate what you already have in your life – you will begin to feel happier and more abundant. So what are you feeling grateful for today?

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