Most people underestimate the power of your environment on your mood. A calm and soothing environment will help you to relax and will reduce your stress levels a lot more than you think. Consider the environment where you spend your time-your home, office and your car for example. Keep these areas free from clutter, clean and with items that make you feel good. If you don’t have time to clean, employ someone to do this for you. You may find that this is a good investment as this can save you valuable hours every week and give yourself more time to get your important tasks done and therefore more time for you to relax. Colour has a big impact on your mood; think of having neutral colours for a soothing environment, or accentuate your environment with vibrant colours to stimulate the brain, such as in your office. Surround yourself with things that invoke good feelings; whether it’s photos of your family and friends, art-paintings and drawings or interesting ornaments. Plants and flowers definitely add to your environment and seeing the wonderful colours of plants and flowers as they grow, which nature provides, are a welcome addition to your home, garden and office. Crystals are known to have different qualities which can help with your relaxation. Also consider your lighting-use a dimmer switch to vary your light intensity. You may want it brighter in your office, stimulating you to work well and so increasing your productivity, enabling you to get things completed quicker which in turn allows you time to unwind. Either dim the lights or use candles for a more soothing effect when you are relaxing at home. Make these simple changes to your environment and you will notice a huge difference on your levels of relaxation.

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