Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Be in control of your thoughts during the day and don’t let your life be filled with worries and regrets. You may have noticed the little voice inside your head which is meant to protect and guide you, but sometimes it acts like your worst enemy. Be aware of your thoughts and if your mind says something unhelpful to you just say the phrase “thank you for sharing” and then move on to a more positive, happy and helpful thought. You could even say the complete opposite to yourself and see how that changes your life, for example you might make a mistake or take a wrong decision and you say to yourself “I’m so stupid, what was I thinking!” instead turn this around to something positive and say “this choice or decision does not serve me now, I will learn from this experience and move forward in life”. Learning to move forward and not dwell on things that have gone wrong will greatly improve your relaxation levels as your mind will be working for you and looking for opportunities for the future instead of wasting time on things and events you cannot change. If you find it difficult to persuade yourself to do this, then seek a professional coach or therapist who will know exactly how to guide you in this direction.

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