Rapid Positive Change (RPC)

We offer ‘Rapid Positive Change’ (RPC) for personal development, career management and business coaching. We empower you to take control, be successful and achieve significant and immediate results in your personal and business lives. Follow our unique and simple 5 step process to bring rapid positive change into your life. We want you to embrace this process and we coach you through this using our expertise, with interesting and encouraging ways to facilitate and support you every step of the way!

Please note, although it’s a simple process, it’s not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

We take you on a journey of self discovery to enable you to experience rapid positive change and we guide you so that you experience results and changes every step of the way. You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel embracing the change that you want to see. Each and every one of us wants to see change in different ways,  and we guide you to change so that you experience it in the way that you desire, that is personal to you.

Let’s start with step 1:

This is one of the biggest challenges in life as people often accept their situation and do not think they are able to change, or they are in fear of change.

Your mind is so powerful and you must understand that what you focus on gets created in your life.

Reaching the first step to wanting to change is a huge start as it initiates a mind shift.

This has to come from within you, not someone else wanting you to change.

Just recognising this desire from within starts the incredible process of change. You are now opening your mind and becoming consciously aware of life. This consciousness will drive you to such great improvements that you originally could only dream of.

At this stage we start your journey with understanding the concept of change, opening your mind to embrace change and the preparations for change begins. Here we indulge you in exercises of discussion, visualisations and meditations in change. This wonderful experience will bring you to live on a higher frequency in life and your energy and vibration will be raised and in tune to the concept of change. It will leave you in great anticipation and wanting the process to proceed onto the next steps, which is an amazing start and embeds your deep sense of motivation to change. This moves onto the next step which is …

We understand that you have a burning desire for change, however you may not have any idea of what you want to do or what you really want in line with your values, so this step will enable you to determine this. This is about creating a vision and deciding what you want to do in your life. Just consider how life will be when you achieve what you really want.

What is my vision?

What are my values?

What do I want to do in life?

How do I want to spend my time?

Which direction do I want my career to take?

What business can I create?

What income do I want to achieve?

The lack of ability to change is partly due to a lack of imagination and creativity. This is not your fault as our traditional education system doesn’t teach you how to do this or that you are even capable of using your mind in this way. This is why it’s important to recognise this step and educate yourself.

Our interesting and exciting process provides the perfect solution for this. If when you ask these questions, you still cannot find an answer, there are a number of exercises to open your mind to access your creativity and imagination. By working through these fascinating and innovative exercises to access your subconscious mind, it will initiate the thoughts and processes you need to create and you will start to realise and embrace change. Your mind is so powerful and you must understand that what you focus on gets created in your life, so focusing on pain and misery will create more unhappiness; likewise focusing on joy and abundance will bring you more wonderful experiences. An important point to realise is that your life is only limited by your own imagination. We work with you to develop this.

Now onto the science bit! Your mind is used to finding ways to keep you safe to protect you and not change. You have neural pathways in your brain which is the way the brain connects and makes sense of life. Through our learning in life, our neural pathways become embedded in our minds. Think about the ways in your own life that your experiences have created your subsequent behaviours in life. For example, did you climb and then fall out of some apparatus or a tree when you were young and then hurt yourself, perhaps even fractured something? Did your parents or guardian scold you or comfort you after this? Now one person may decide that they are never going to climb anything again as they never want to go through this again and subsequently the neural pathway is developed which makes them afraid of heights. Another person may decide this isn’t a big deal and they still enjoy the freedom of being high up, despite falling down and subsequently a neural pathway is developed and later in life they crave thrill-seeking sports such as sky diving or parachuting or deep sea diving. We can see how unique we are in developing our own neural pathways, and this is what makes us special as human beings, and also complicated creatures!

The process of change enables us to understand that we need to create new neural pathways in your brain in order to do something different. As we learn new thought patterns, behaviours and habits, new neural pathways are created in our brains. We do not need to stay the same that we have been; we can literally change our minds. We enable you to shortcut to your subconscious to create these ideas in your mind.

Have you considered all outcomes?

How it will look and feel? 

Some clients may know what they want to do. Great! At this step, we still encourage you to feel into what you think want to see if it really is for you, or whether it’s someone else’s desire. This understanding becomes apparent when you ‘feel’ into the scenarios of your deepest and innermost desires.

We guide you to explore this and ensure this is what you really want, in line with your values and lifestyle desires.

We have many clients who go through this journey with an idea in mind, however the reality is not what they think. We help you to consider what you really want in life and ensure it’s compatible with the lifestyle that you want, your values and your true desires. Let us show you how to explore these options so you get to what you want easily and rapidly. Once you are happy with this step, you can move onto step 3.

Many clients get stuck at the point of embracing change. this step involves creating a new you and can never be underestimated! Ask these questions of yourself:

What do I need to know to be this new me?

What do I need to learn?

Who do I need to be to embrace this new life?

This is the ‘doing’ phase of the process and you actively need to take action to see results. Don’t just think of what and who you know now, open your eyes and look at the world. There are so many options to learn and to create a new version of you with a bright, fun and interesting future. Consider what you need to bring into your life.

Really start to think about how to bring this into your world.

Ask yourself, where do I want to live, what do I need to learn, who do I need to know?

We guide you to do this if this is all new to you. This may involve learning new skills, joining groups to build a community, attending meetings, courses and reading about the subject. Using social media brings a global outlook on learning as information is available from all over the world. Do some research on ‘YouTube’ and use a search engine such as ‘Google’ to find out more about the areas you’re interested in.

You really need to immerse yourself into this new subject so that you live and breathe it.

This journey is now taking you to places you have never been before, creating a new way of seeing the world. You will be amazed how this new information will start to bring the changes closer into your life.

Here you can be objective and bring some project management techniques into the process by “RAIDing your Vision”. By this I mean look at the Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies that are associated with your vision. Risks are the potential of something happening that may have an adverse effect of your vision. Assumptions are the things which you consider will be real when you follow your vision. Issues are things that are currently and directly affecting your vision at the present time. Dependencies are things that you rely on to reach your vision, e.g. in order to get to ‘D’, you have to achieve ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’. By analysing these elements gives you an objective view of your passion and enabling you to overcome any blockers because you are aware of them and are actively managing them to become more real so that it comes into your life.

Now that this developing into something exciting, let’s move onto step 4,

Find people to connect with, these will now be like-minded people, build a new network and these will become your new peers – who you interact with is who you become. Look at groups to join on social media such as Facebook groups, Meet-Up groups, research interesting and influential people on ‘YouTube’ and use search engines such as ‘Google’. It is easier to get closer to anyone around the world nowadays and you need to embrace this concept. This new peer group and a new set of friends, whether it be in the real world or online, will shortcut your journey of change. You will be amazed how this new network and information will start to bring the changes closer into your life.

With each connection you have a new ‘dot’ and your goal is to gather as many dots or connections as you can. People bring shortcuts into your life, you just need to learn how to leverage them.

It may not be apparent at this stage how to connect the dots, however you need to collect as many dots and connections as you can as they will be the stepping stones to magically transform your world.

When you follow all the steps above and you do it with passion and enthusiasm, things will start moving in your life to bring the life you want closer to you.

Join the dots that you have connected and you will find opportunities and synchronicities everywhere.

What is synchronicity you may ask? Synchronicity is when amazing and meaningful coincidences occur that enhance your life and bring you exactly what you want or need at a particular time. Synchronicity is a wonderful happening in life and my aim for you throughout this whole programme is to increase the amount and frequency of synchronicities that you experience. Now the interesting point is you may not realise how you will receive something, however what comes to you is perfectly aligned with your intentions, vibrations and frequencies that you have created by following this 5 step process.

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? Well, synchronicity is all about things being attracted to you that are in alignment to your whole being and support you fully in your aims and endeavours in life. Now that I follow this 5 step process, I can tell you numerous synchronicities that happen in my life and and I genuinely and deeply want to share this abundance of life with you.

Take a look at this video which gives you an insight into the Law of Attraction:

The Law Of Attraction Explained

The law of attraction explained simply and beautifully by celebrities and successful people. What do you need more of in your life?

Posted by New Perspectives on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Now you are in the flow of your new life; you know and understand that you want the change; you have determined what you want to do in your life, you have identified ways to embrace your new change. You are embracing and enhancing change and finding that you have time for yourself. Appreciate all the things that comes to you. Appreciation is so key to bringing more abundance in your life. Remember this key phrase to bring more synchronicity into your life:

“What you Appreciate, Appreciates”

So continue appreciating what comes to you, enjoy the wonderful moments in your life and see more synchronicities supporting your new way of life. 

And that’s how Rapid Positive Change happens!

Bringing all of these areas together, you have joined the dots and completed our unique approach to coaching through the 5 Step Process to experience Rapid Positive Change.

Remember that nothing is set in stone for the rest of your life. The key to a happy life is flexibility and the ability to change, so apply this process throughout your life, whenever you feel the need for change and you can embrace so many new enjoyable experiences in your life!


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