Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are statements that help you to overcome your self-sabotaging negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Your limiting beliefs hold you back in life and this is can be seen as the subconscious mind, otherwise known as the little voice in your head, telling you you’re not capable of achieving something, you’re inadequate or ridiculous for trying something new. Positive affirmations are statements that are the complete opposite of limiting beliefs and help you to visualise and imagine what you consciously want to believe in, helping you to make positive changes to your life. It is so important to develop your positive affirmations to create self-belief, motivation and positivity to achieve what you want in life. Below is a list of positive affirmations which enables you to improve all areas of your life, from business, wealth, personal power, career, health, relationships and encourages consistency and certainty in your life in achieving improvements in all of these areas.

Listen to this Positive Affirmations Audio to put you in the right frame of mind to enable your subconscious to motivate you into action in life. Put these Positive Affirmations up in a visible place, repeat these every day for 90 days.

“I am successful in business and have an abundance of money flowing in.”

“I am in a position of personal power, I have strength within me and I have amazing career, health and relationships in business, friends and with my partner.”

“I am consistent in all areas of life including business, relationships and health.”

“I consistently sleep during the night and feel energised throughout the day.”

“I am certain that I achieve my goals in sleep/health, business and relationships.”


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