Exam Stress Positive Affirmations

If you are feeling stressed over upcoming exams, whether in the immediate future or long term future, these Exam Stress Positive Affirmations will help anyone experiencing exam stress and put them into a positive frame of mind.

1. I can focus when I study and I get results.
2. I am doing well and I’m successful in what I choose to do.
3. I use my time well for studying and I focus on what I choose.
4. I am calm, I am confident and I have all the resources I need in any situation.
5. I am excited and look forward to studying and I enjoy the process.
6. When I study I retain the information I need and am fully prepared for the situation.
7. I do things to the best of my ability.
8. Life is about learning and I appreciate my successes.
9. I learn from anything else and review my lessons learned and experiences.

If you want to add to this list of Exam StressPositive Affirmations, write all your Limiting Beliefs first; these are the things you believe about the pain you are going through with your beliefs (e.g. I can only be a little bit successful). Now write your Positive Affirmations which are┬áthe complete opposite to each of your Limiting Beliefs. Ensure you use language including “I am..”, “I have…”, “I know…”, so that they are all active and current (not any ‘I want…” or “I need…” or “I must…” otherwise you will remain with wanting and needing things). Make sure you are comfortable with the language that you use and that you feel that you own these as your Positive Affirmations.

Put these up in a visible place and repeat them every day for at least 30 days at a very minimum and ideally 90 days (and more!). Your brain may make you think this is silly at first, but remember that you are reprogramming your subconscious mind to work for you, so do persist with this as it will give you the energy and momentum you need to get the quick results in the timeframe you want.