Focus on your Strengths; Delegate your Weaknesses

To optimise your time, identify your strengths and weaknesses, then focus on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses. Your strengths are things you really enjoy doing, which utilise your skills and experience to the highest level and which you excell at. By focusing on your strengths you will constantly be “in the flow” which is where you are working at your level of genius. Are you an excellent planner, organiser, generater of ideas, writer, trainer or a specialist in a particular field?

Your weaknesses are things that you are either not good at or are worth significantly less than your highest skill level is worth. If you undertake tasks which you’re not good at you will find yourself procrastinating and putting things off and probably never getting them done, or if you do, you’ll end up doing them badly. If you carry out the work which you’re lousy at and you don’t produce good results, why would anyone want to pay you for it? If you’re worth £50 per hour, why would you undertake tasks which are worth significantly less? This is not the best use of your time, skills and experience. To optimise your time, focus on what you’re good at and what you’re worth

Identify suitable other people to do your weaknesses – these people then become your team. You will find that you have great people working with you, such as: an assistant, book keeper, webmaster, accountant, marketing specialist, sales specialist, manager and cleaner. In school you were taught you had to do everything yourself; you need to get rid of this imprinting as this doesn’t serve you now. Delegate doesn’t mean abdicate – find a person or company who can do all or part of the job for you or with you. The benefit of having a team is that you can be good at being yourself and you enjoy what you do, so that whatever you do doesn’t feel like work. You will find yourself left with the tasks you excell at, are worth the right value for you and which you love doing.

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